The Roundtable

NYCPR is a coalition that nurtures relationships between civil rights and public interest attorneys, community organizers, advocates, policy analysts, academics, and others who work to end police misconduct in NYC. We provide legal training and technical support, and advocate for systemic reforms. The group has 70 professional members, most of whom have worked on police reform issues for many years.

NYCPR was formed by members of the non-profit civil rights community with the purpose of fostering continuing relationships between those who work to end police misconduct. We believe that merely organizing around the highly publicized and severe acts of police misconduct, or pursuing piecemeal litigation strategies for the compensation of individual plaintiffs, have unfortunately not led to sustained systemic reforms in the operations of the NYPD. NYCPR is a place where advocates come together to work collectively on system reform, and support each other in work to end police misconduct.


We seek to create consistent links between advocates, organizers, and community members, and a steady drumbeat of combined voices calling for improved policing.